Dryftowa navi..

z głosem Keiichi Tsuchiya i mapami przełęczy gór Akaishi

16.08.2012, 06:01 ::
Well to be honest, naonme is right.. using the CSS propeties these ways are and will be hack, since a hack is using something different that it was intended! Like tables for layout instead of tablular data And just because that big companies like Apple use them, doesn't make them right. Yes granted they work, and i for one am glad that CSSgirl provides the article for those willing to use this stupid hack (no offence towards the author, but in my humble opinion hacks are stupid and should never be used)But still glad the article is up, because the internet should be a place where you can find everything!! incl. hacks!And again! in regards to it's okay because the big players do it! need I remind you that BMW uses Black Hat SEO does that mean Black Hat SEO is okay now? Fakk no :P but in regards to the article, I disagree with the content, but a nice read ^^

14.05.2009, 15:03 ::
ona nie pokazuje linii, ona pokazuje to czego nie moge zobaczyc abstynenci!

13.05.2009, 22:54 ::
bo ta navi nie pokazuje drogi.. ona pokazuję linię! ;)

13.05.2009, 22:39 ::
mysle ze bez tej navi nikt nie ma szansy na TOP16

13.05.2009, 22:23 ::
troche nie na nasze warunku ale i tak pędem nabędę
może będzie lepsza niż ta z krzysiem i ameryka...

13.05.2009, 22:22 ::
pamietam ten przejazd :)